Remodeling Surplus

Remodeling Surplus

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What is Remodeling Surplus?

Remodeling Surplus is all of the leftover "goodies" that we end up with through the course of remodeling jobs. The surplus ranges from new, unused material to used items that are still of value to someone. In an effort to reduce the flow of trash to landfills, we try to recycle this material and place into the hands of people who might need it. Check here often to find out if there is anything of interest to you.

 Cabinet Doors: Maple stiles with MDF center panels, paint grade, email me for sizes and quantity and then make me an offer.

1ea pair of 36"x60" non-operable windows, insulated glass, mulled together as one unit, paid $348, sell for $125, delivery available, free within 10 miles of my house, available for the cost of diesel beyond.


Propane Heater:  40,000 BTU, used only one job, work great: $60

Large oil filter wrenches, 2ea available, fits filter on Ford diesel and others:  $2ea

Sink trim ring: this is for the older style sinks, also called a "Hudee" ring, this one is extra wide to hide gaps from a poorly cut countertop (a "goof" ring): $5